East Brunswick Historical Society

Welcome to the EB Historical Society!

The East Brunswick Historical Society is dedicated to preserving and presenting the social, cultural, and political history of East Brunswick as well as highlighting state and national topics that have had an impact on our community.


 Who are we?

All of our members are volunteers who are interested in history and want to participate in the goals of the society. 


Our Goals:

Stimulate interest in history, particularly East Brunswick history, and protect and preserve historical sites, structures, artifacts, memorabilia, and documents in order to create a cultural heritage as well as highlighting important state and national topics.


Some of our Projects:

  Creation of the Historical District of Old Bridge.

Preparation of first Historic District Ordinance in the County.

Creation of the East Brunswick Museum.


 Some of our Programs:

 Program celebrating East Brunswick's 150th Birthday

Program honoring WWII veterans

Program on the Bill of Rights

Program on the history of Smith Apple Farm

Program on the 250th birthday of Benjamin Franklin

Program on our Great Founding Fathers

Coming Events

A program on the1918 Influenza Pandemic will be held at the headquarters of the East Brunswick Historical Society on Sunday, March 11, 2018, starting at 2:00 p.m.. The headquarters is located on 78 Milltown Road in East Brunswick.

Free parking is available.  There will be free refreshments. Donations are appreciated.


In preparation for our upcoming programs on World War I, we are requesting support from the public.  Anyone who has either memorabilia that can be lent to us or information that may be useful, please contact us at 732-249-7397 or 732-249-3522.